One ERP Software to Manage Every Part of Your Business

SAP Business One is a solution for mid-sized and small, fast-growing businesses to manage their business processes ranging from finance, sales, procurement, project management, purchasing & operations, inventory & distribution, manufacturing and others.

Available both on cloud and on-premise, SAP Business One lowers costs and reduces hassles for everyone involved. Unlike many other applications, SAP Business One eliminates the need of having multiple systems & handles all your departments’ needs smartly.

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SAP HANA – The Platform
Need not be a large enterprise to leverage SAP HANA, an In-memory Business Data platform

Run advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions on real-time data for accurate, up-to-date responses in a fraction of a second. The SAP HANA platform uses an in-memory database that eliminates predefined aggregates, materialized views, and data duplication between operational and decision support systems. The result? Real-time data at your fingertips.

  • Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment

  • ACID-compliant

  • Advanced analytic data processing

  • Application services

Make Routine Tasks Easier with SAP Business One


How easy is it for you to track all lead activities from the first contact to deal closing? Are you using excel sheets or spreadsheets to manage a large volume of sales orders, opportunity and pipeline management? Sales professionals can benefit from SAP Business One software to uncover insights, track sales leads and manage the entire sales process anytime & anywhere.

Purchasing and operations

Is managing a purchasing request, purchasing quotations, orders a big hassle? Do you find it increasingly tough to run real-time updates on inventory and get on-the-fly details on inbound and outbound shipments? SAP Business One can help you track everything flawlessly. With this software, it is possible to mitigate all complexities associated with purchase request, A/P invoice, A/P credit memos, good returns & more.

Inventory & Distribution

Can you count on item list, inventory transactions, recurring transactions, good issues, volume discounts without any fail & flaw? SAP Business One can help you with item management, serial number management and overcome all hassles you may confront in your inventory and distribution management.

Accounting and Financials

How easy is it to make a budget, evaluate cost accounting, monitor the incoming and outgoing payments smoothly? Now, it is easy to digitize financial accounting and closing processes with smart and intelligent software.

SAP Business One ERP on HANA

The Horizontal Solution for Industries

From retail to chemical, no matter where you are on your ERP journey, Vedhasoft Technologies has a solution to meet your specific business requirements.

With successful SAP Business One implementations, we help our customers realize their exact business vision. Our SAP consultants and engineers have impressive experience in rendering customized business solution meeting your mission-critical requirements.

Vedhasoft, Your Trusted SAP B1 Partner in Bangalore

You can trust Vedhasoft Technologies for carrying out successful SAP implementation, migration, customization and end-to-end SAP Business One services. Simplify your business and transform your business operations with our comprehensive suite of SAP Business One service, corresponding your unique business needs and our proactive support.

Achieve more in less budget with SAP Business One Cloud