IoT-based WMS Solution for Optimized Inventory Management

iBWMS is a smart and hyper-efficient WMS system based on IoT. It helps you to track, receive, pick and stock goods without any manual intervention. It seamlessly tackles challenges related to inventory oversight, space utilization, & inefficient processes within the warehouse.

With this software solution by your side, you can bid goodbye to all your worries over handling multiple warehouse management solutions. It is powerful, affordable and designed to increase warehouse inventory accuracy, minimize costs, save time & improve resource allocation.

It is integrated with Beacons and is designed to connect any other sensor product available in the market for connectivity. It can be integrated with any existing ERP, WMS, or accounting application, thereby improving inventory evaluation & stock position.

Amplify Your Growth Opportunities

  • Good Receipts

  • Good Receipt Optimization

  • Direct Receipt from Production

  • Putaway

  • Reverse Logistics

  • E-commerce Returns receipt

  • Cross Docking

  • Yard Management

  • Pallet/ Rack building Algorithm

  • Seamless tracking at Product

  • Carton and Pallet/ Rack level

  • Bin to Bin transfer

  • Internal movements

  • Scrapping/ Waste Handling

  • Kit to stock

  • Inventory cycle count

  • Cross Docking movements

  • Packaging specifications

  • Batch Management

  • Pallet/ Rack building Algorithm

  • Serial numbers

  • Integration with other systems

  • Stock consolidation

  • Repacking recommendations

  • Inventory management

  • Delivery Management

  • Route determination

  • Picking bin determination

  • Kit to order

  • Cartonization

  • Loading and Good Issue

  • Cross Docking

  • Enhanced Labor management

  • Train tracking

  • Production Supply

  • Pick by Cart

  • Outward automation by Beacons & RFIDs

  • Graphical Yard/ Warehouse Layout

Experience the Whole New World of Inventory Transformation

Improved Space Utilization

Improved space utilization can be achieved with the help of preset configurations clone at the bin level from which the Machine language (Al) algorithms manage the show.

Flexibility to Order Processes

Kit To Stock to Kit to Order can be done flexibily with clear insights on the stock across the Warehouse. The Cross-docking feature is also available for all types of scenarios.

Stock Transparency

Stock transparency can be made possible with the introduction of the loT technology. Use of Beacons will provide the visibility of stock In real-time.

Reduced Inventory & Labor Cost

Better visibility on the supply chain ensures a tab on the movement of stock; the optimization of inventory along with the reduction in labor cost can be achieved thereby making the whole process more effective.

Process Standardisation

Bringing in Process standardization in all warehouse processes which directly or indirectly influence Customer Experience. We also help automate the complete ‘Putaway to Picking’ process.

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